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Look, it’s an eBook! It’s a case study! It’s a blog!

You name the health/senior/tech communications custom content project and I'll make it readable for B2B and B2C (trade and consumer markets). And YOU get the credit. 

Sample Successes

  • Raised one company's news readership (seniors & families) from 1.5 to 3 million in about 16 months

  • One of first reporters launching CBS' first consumer site

  • Changed one title and saved, then wrote, NY Times special section

  • Conceptualized then wrote burgeoning company's first-ever health trade white paper

  • PR storyteller who placed NY MacUsers Group on CNBC, NY Times, et al...with almost no budget

Who's your audience?


  • Patients and other consumers

  • Health professionals

  • Sales

  • IT and other tech

  • Executives

  • Growing senior market

  • The media 

The rest of the world? (Well, not quite...but close!) Read on, then hit Contact Wendy below or check Get Acquainted (under Teaching) for specific classes.


Wendy J. Meyeroff, President

Award-winning print and online

health/tech reporter, ghostwriter

and marketing consultant for 20+ yrs. 

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B2B Health Audience

Writing for the B2B Health Professionals is where l started. That includes not only the MDs, but RNs, PhDs and other clinical initials.


I also help reach other abbreviations: e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, IT...list continues. Allergan, Sonosite, Cigna and Philips Healthcare are just a few of my collaborators (as we call true teamwork) in this professional market

Patient & Consumer Health

Most "medical" writers cannot work in lay language...I call it "consumer-speak." 


It's helped CBS launch a health website, get Woman's Day magazine a reprint request from Johns Hopkins and Erickson Retirement Communities win print AND web awards for reaching the growing 55+ market. 

General Business

Understanding solid research and being able to hold interviews in health created my STEM writing and marketing consultancy.


Among the clients (U.S. and abroad): Pirelli Engineering (N.A.); BASF Chemical, Zerex Automotive, Revlon, et al. 

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