B2B Health Audience

Writing for the B2B Health Professionals is where l started. That includes not only the MDs, but RNs, PhDs and other clinical initials.


I also help reach other abbreviations: e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, IT...list continues. Allergan, Sonosite, Cigna and Philips Healthcare are just a few of my collaborators (as we call true teamwork) in this professional market

Patient & Consumer Health

Most "medical" writers cannot work in lay language...I call it "consumer-speak." 


It's helped CBS launch a health website, get Woman's Day magazine a reprint request from Johns Hopkins and Erickson Retirement Communities win print AND web awards for reaching the growing 55+ market. 

General Business

Understanding solid research and being able to hold interviews in health created my STEM writing and marketing consultancy.


Among the clients (U.S. and abroad): Pirelli Engineering (N.A.); BASF Chemical, Zerex Automotive, Revlon, et al. 

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While based in Maryland, my clients come from across the USA and beyond, including:

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