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Reaching this increasingly important market

When I was at the White House Conference on Aging in December 2005, I was one of the few health writers attending with true experience in the so-called “Mature Market”; doing it since the 90s. The U.S. already had 35 million adults age 65-plus.  That’s opposed to only 3 million at the start of the 20th century. 


The number of older adults rose another 2 million, to 37 million in the 18 months following that conference...and in just a few years--by 2030--this population will be twice as large as it was at the turn of this century:  71.5 million!

And this doesn't add in extra boomers: those in the ages 50 to 64 group!


Lots of companies are finally waking up to this tremendous market . .  .but not many have any true experience in reaching it, the way I have. Among the industries/services (in and outside of healthcare) that have come to me for advice in reaching this audience of savvy spenders:

  • Home care device

  • Nutritionists

  • Financial planners

  • Website developers

  • Travel industry

  • Retirement community developer

  • Beauty industry

  • Natural food retailers

Let me show you how to enhance your visibility among the different aspects of this population.  Right now, go to Contact Me, enter your info and put “Boomers & Beyond” in the subject head.  Also keep your eyes open for more information (including a blog) relating to this market.

Boomer Compliment

"I have worked with dozens of writers over the years and none has come even close to your ability to produce an accurate, understandable, article on complex medical topics. The quality of your articles will help millions of seniors attain better health."  


Not bad…you didn’t even have to go to medical school!”—G.A., M.D., former chief medical officer, Erickson Retirement Communities

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