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Think going from "gastrointestinal dyspepsia" to "acid reflux" is simpler?

Why not "heartburn?"


Even when you're reaching the well-educated--not only doctors and other health pros but CEOs, IT experts, politicians, teachers and others--it doesn't mean you can use your own familiar verbiage, not if they aren't in your field. Besides, even if they are colleagaues why be verbose?

And what about the ever-rising recognition of patient education and general consumer reach?


(PS: I'm sorry. How about using "words" for "verbiage" and "windy" for "verbose"?)

Understanding "lay" language

Shortly there'll be a quick snippet here of my 30-minute conversation with Emma Hitt PhD. Meantime for in-depth insights, Contact Me for a link to the full audio (approximately 30 minutes).


“Your work on a book-length manuscript for the American Medical Association has been truly outstanding. The material is factually, clearly written, and in the light tone we need for our target market.”—D.G, American Medical Association

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