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 Memories That Still Make Us Smile

What memory (memories) would you like to keep forever? Maybe even helped a loved one's memories?

Whether you're putting a special twist on the current prom night, or want to reach back to a wedding 50 years ago, LoveLasts© will capture it.

What it is

It starts with one recorded phone call, 60 minutes, during which this reporter gets to glean special memories and prepare them in handouts. 


Then you have these options:


  • A short (500 to 750 word) Word document

  • A personalized 2-page (1 printout on both sides) newsletter. We can include photos you supply or pull and insert images from the 'Net.

  • An audio clip from our recording that you can download and send to others (listen to short example on the right)


Prices vary depending on whether you want one or all of these options. Use Contact Wendy (below) and ask for our LoveLasts© handout.

Listen to LoveLasts©

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