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I've been providing journalism-turned-marketing "storytelling" (ALWAYS factual) for 20+ years. My experience consistently helps my clients maximize the effectiveness of their message. 


In every case, I carefully take into account such parameters as specific media being utilized, budget, timeline, and target audience. I also have an outstanding group of artists and web experts available, to give you a complete agency advantage – without the agency budget.


Just a few of my overall services:


Print Writing

Magazines, newsletters, case studies, PowerPoint, a/v scripts, 


Online Materials

Complete custom web content; e.g., blogs, Social Media, LinkedIn niche Pulse stories, Webinars

From a self-help book to your company newsletter to LinkedIn articles and more
These are shorter than regular books, so are usually more cost-effective with quicker turnarounds
Marketing Strategies

Reaching both professionals and the general public

Developmental Editing/Copyediting
Reviewing a book you've scripted and/or getting its basics in shape

Two Sub-Specialties
Patient education and aging America
Continue to B2B Health, Patient and Consumer Health, Ghostwriting, and General Business to see samples.


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