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Gotcha! The Art of Great Ghostwriting

Thinking books? That's great...especially today with BOTH traditional and e-books. (Different budgets, different timelines. Find out more through my special offer.)


But you need so much more for your book's success.

First, your MUST have a website. But what do you need on your site? And then how are you "Driving People to Your Website"? (Another of my classes.)

What about marketing that will get folks to buy your book...or your products/services? Have you done any of these:


  • Magazine articles and LinkedIn Stories (still not well-used by others!) to gain credible biz recognition

  • Facebook insights for consumers/patients

  • Blogs for business (B2B) and/or consumer (B2C) audiences

  • Case studies and white papers


Of course there's more. Look around this site and see what you'd like to explore with a long-time ghostwriter interviewing doctors, business leaders, entrepreneurs, IT folks, and many others to get their books and selling tools working.


Remember, I'm the non-fiction person, with specialties in health and also business (including tech). It's not 12-syllable words. See the motto at top of all my website pages? I take areas like self-help, nutrition, caregiving, aging, seniors, computers and medical equipment, legal issues, employee communications, and much more and make them understandable AND enjoyable. 

  • An ophthalmologist talking practice issues in an otherwise clinical journal

  • A geriatric specialist reaching out to seniors about nutrition

  • A dietitian's white paper explaining a new sugar substitute to health pros. (A separate paper was geared to food specialists.)


And these are just a few ghostwriting collaborations. See the final pieces (they're short!) and find out more about how YOU can star, via Contact Wendy below.

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