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About Me

I started working as a reporter and was the managing editor of health care magazines 20+ years ago.  I segued into business-to-business advertising and then to public relations.

Early on, I found I could write not only clinical materials but also for the lay public.  Indeed, I found I had a definite knack for "consumer-speak," a skill that is lacking among most medical writers.

And thanks to my work in editorial, I’ve also honed my skill in strategy and market analysis.  After all, how can you keep a magazine successful if you can’t analyze the changes your audience is facing—and adapt your content accordingly? I brought this “What’s the Story?” (always truthful) mindset into advertising and PR and it was that which led to my consistently creating successful marketing campaigns and rescuing failing ones. 

Find out more now.  (For a fun marketing story when you call, ask about the Gestational Diabetes pitch restructure. It meant the difference between luring only two reporters at a luncheon and bringing in nearly 30.)

Contact me now for a FREE 15-minute get-acquainted collaboration.

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