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Webinars: Gain New Clients, Inspire Current Ones

I've been teaching a variety of classes first in-person, then online, for over 20 years.  Here's a list of upcoming favorites for 2023-24. Exact dates/time are posted regularly. For general info or to book your class, use Contact Wendy below. 


Of course if you see any that you KNOW you (or your team, your company, or others) want (or should have!) let me know and we'll set up a special--and personalized--session. 

Web 1.0: Back to Basics

This is NOT about SEOs, pay-per-click or other tech stuff. It's finding cost-effective "custom content," web design, blogs and/or social media that makes your site stand out. 

Power of "Evergreen"

Not just for Christmas! These are stories (e.g., blogs, press releases, Pulse, etc.) that last 4ever

Mastering Patient Speak

Know the difference between "adhere" and "stick"? Critical to truly inform patients at ALL language and education levels.

Driving Folks 2 YOUR Site

So the site's up. So what? Learn about print/online options that gain viewers. Hint: they don't have to bust a marketing budget.

Perfecting Plain Language

Similar to "Patient Speak," but explaining complex info for ANY audience; e.g., CEOs, sales, general consumers, etc.

Don't Forget Radio!

Important media venue that's more powerful than many realize. How to get booked, chat and profit.

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