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Wendy's Samples

What storytelling do you need? Ghosted features? Case studies? Blogs?

Whatever you're seeking (except ads!) Wendy can discuss with you

What Would You Like?

Health Samples

Whether your outreach is B2B or B2C, here you'll see what Wendy's done in both

Patient Power


See the monthly newsletter Wendy published to educate patients


General Biz

Wendy's served so many industries besides health & tech. Here you'll see a few

Quick Overview

While I started in the B2B world of publishing (and it was great training arena) it didn't take long before I landed my dream work: bylines in major consumer pubs....especially the women's magazines I grew up with. First it was Family Circle, then Woman's Day, and ultimately my true love: Good Housekeeping. (I was a contributor for three years.)

Of course, that's just beginning.

There's a lot more About Wendy in the Speaking/Teaching section.

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