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Add Flu to Voting Reasons

Get your vote out, wherever you are

There's no longer any real chance our pandemic will be cleared by any time in November. We are actually facing new outbreaks everywhere, about to be worsened when folks have flu. Or flu could make you more vulnerable to COVID! This message is especially for older adults (my main reading niche) but everyone can observe. On the ballots, tell those who delayed so badly, who didn't emphasize the rules, who didn't demonstrate the rules themselves, that they're out.

Don't just not vote. If you can't switch from Trump to Biden (or vice versa) at least tell your local leaders what you think.

Remember, you can stand on long lines, but you also can trust drop boxes near the post offices. Or go to the post office and mail. But get your mail-in ballot NOW.

Here are two resources: Get absentee and mail-in ballots

USPS--Yes you CAN trust the US Postal Service

They showed their chance to lead...and led to the worse case scenarios for seniors and all loved ones. ###

PHOTO: From Kelly Minars via

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