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Easy 2019 Health Tips 4 Seniors

You know how they say, “New Year, New You?” Well, don’t worry much about making a NEW you...just find ways to keep your physical and mental abilities as keen as possible, like these:

Keep moving!--Too cold, hot, or rainy to go walk or drive for exercise classes? Do exercises in-house. If you don’t have online access, ask loved ones or doctors to print out a few samples of indoors, even sit-down exercises.

Maintain fruits/veggies intake--Maybe your favorite produce is out of season. Keep trying new ones. And remember frozen produce; it actually saves nutrients during processing.

Get your vitamin D--Fifteen -minute sun exposure is the best source, but if you can’t go outside, remember daily vitamins, milk, and orange juice usually offer vitamin D. Ask your doctor if you need extra vitamin D tablets.

Use sunscreen--The sun’s ultraviolet rays are always there, even during gloomy winter weather. Always use sunscreen with at least “SPF 15” for decent protection.

For winter cautions for seniors, see this handout written and designed by #partnersinhealthandbiz co-anchor Wendy Meyeroff.

See how long ago I offered winter health tips?!

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