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Zika Virus & Older Vets: Special Danger!


A new report says that older vets with "comorbidities" (various diseases/conditions) are especially in danger of serious neurologic complications if they're infected with the mosquito-carried Zika virus.

The report, from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs (the #VA), says the neuro dangers mean great risk of hospitalizations and even dementia. Thus it is ever more important to watch over a loved one/patient who's an older vet, many of whom have a variety of conditions.

Diabetes, for example, is one of the greatest risks. The American Diabetes Association in its Diabetes Forecastnoted that the VA reported “nearly one in four men and women (24 percent) who served their country have diabetes.” They noted that’s “much higher than the 9 percent” of Americans overall with this condition.

It’s therefore critically important that not only health professionals serving veterans but also their family, even friends, offer helpful advice that’ll allow our brave folks to stay as safe as possible. There are simple steps everyone can observe, with the major key of course use of insect repellent. The CDC has a great page with advice for

Mosquito Bites 'Specially Dangerous 2 Vets
Beware of Zika in Older Vets!

finding/using the right product(s).

You can also use my easy infographic: “Tips for Summer Safety,” the “Caregivers’ Checklist.” Besides watching out for bug bites in older adults, these warn against issues like sunburn, heatstroke, even indoor allergans.

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