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7 Seconds (or Less) to Capture Rapture

Not Talking Sex! Talking Doctors and Patients...and Even Health Marketing

Minutes before I started typing this I saw that one of my favorite medical publications--#MedPageToday--posted an article in which a doctor tells his colleagues they've got about seven seconds (yes that's boldface on purpose) to gain a patient's confidence and calm.

I'm glad they added my comment about how 20 years ago when content writers started handling the 'Net, we were told we had about 10 seconds to grab and keep browsers' attention. Next thing we knew we were down to the aforementioned seven seconds. And now? Who knows! We may be down to nanoseconds.

But the bottom line is, no matter what aspect of healthcare you're in, it's critical to quickly understand and respond to your audience's needs. Whether you're health pros (and of course not just MDs, but also RNs, PTs, RDs and the rest of the alphabet), or content writers or graphic/web designers, it's critical to make that quick impact.

And make it a good one. You really don't want to be one of the TV commercials that folks recognize right away...and HATE enough to channel change you?

Here's a link to my LinkedIn comment and that'll quickly take you to the full article. I encourage you to post your own comment below the feature.

How fast are you capturing patients' attention?

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