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How to Enjoy Failure…

...5 steps to B2B communications success

So what’s your latest business marketing disappointment? Maybe it was:

  • Customers aren’t logging onto to your website—or they zip out quickly after arriving

  • Your webinars aren’t gleaning the sign-on response that you’re seeking

  • Too many folks are deleting you from your e-newsletter

  • You haven’t been able to gain an appearance on a podcast or other broadcast option

1. Start by admitting the failure

There are some people who never admit they failed. Some of these blame their upbringing: “My dad hated my great sense of color. He insisted I go into business, not design.”

Some folks take blame to the absolute nth degree. Maybe you can recall a recent president who—even now—is never wrong. Every stupid (and/or inconsiderate) overlook, every racial or misogynistic action, even outright treason, is always the fault of others.

There’s not much help for endless deniers like the latter, but anyone in the first group can be forgiven. The keys: admit something went wrong, stop complaining, recognize true goal(s) and aim for at least some of them.

2. Understand failure’s benefits

Early in our marriage my hubby segued from a career as an optician to eyeglass sales and it was okay—but it quickly became clear it really couldn’t lead to his goals. To him it felt like a failure. He must have chosen the wrong segue! (At least that was his