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May 15, 2019--Just finished the major announcements celebrating the great event by my client, the Center for Plain Language.

It was their annual ClearMark Awards, which celebrates all sorts of companies that are truly making their messages truly understandable. That's a true echo of my message of 20+ years for WM Medical Communications: "Turning the Complex Into the Comprehensible.©"

The Center's message goes out to all industries. Those in healthcare, government, law, tech, science and many others really need to phrase many things in simpler terms. It can be case studies, blogs, overall web content, handouts, sales tools...the list continues.

Here are some great links to review the winners:

If you're in any area of communications/marketing and are working on (or feel you've accomplish) a great plain language process, let me know. I'll be happy to share if I agree with you. :)

Awards in Plain Language from my client

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