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New Book For Non-Techies: Easy Steps to Effective Websites

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Having been a web custom content writer, designer and site mapping advisor for over 20 years, Wendy Meyeroff got to write a book about creating a successful site...and it's finally online!

It's "Web 1.0" (with a subtitle of course) and--and as Wendy explains--”It's back to basics about how to make one's site stand out from others; e.g., custom content, choosing a design, deciding if/how to blog, and potential social media boosting.” She emphasizes it is NOT about things like pay-per-click, SEO, or  JavaScript.

And of course it includes insights on how to decide what (if anything) a small and/or home-based business owner can/should do alone and when/how to hire others, even on a tight budget.

It was written for the library of the non-profit Editorial Freelancers Association, where Wendy’s been a member (and often a leader) almost since her career began. That's also about the time she added online work to ground breaking print materials, especially in B2B and B2C health communications.

EFA members (and of course others) can find Web 1.0 on for a very reasonable price, both for the PDF download and as an eBook. And remember, thanks to the EFA, a purchase helps the association keep supporting a wide variety of developmental editors, writers, proofreaders, ghosters and many others in communications.

Here's the Lulu link (just scroll down slightly).

For More Info:Contact Wendy at Here's also a link to find out more about the Editorial Freelancers Association.


About Wendy: Wendy Meyeroff has been a provider first of B2B and then a leader in B2C health communications for 20+ years. While starting in NYC and now based in Baltimore, she’s supplied print and online materials for a wide range of clients across the U.S. and beyond. Among them: NIH, CBS, Sears, Merck, the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association.

Custom content, web designs, blogs and social media
All the easy, need-to-know back to basics!

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