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Prayer and Good Health

Did you know most Americans don’t wait for December holidays to pray? We at #PartnersinHealth and Biz want to offer new insights.

A leading resource indicates that 55% of Americans pray every day. While prayer’s effect on health is still being investigated, there have been many encouraging reports.

One of the latest, from Duke University, found that those who are older and attend prayer services--versus watching TV or even golfing--have a lower level of a certain blood protein. That’s good, ‘cause as the protein rises it affects immune systems and then the risk increases for developing (or worsening) conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Other studies have focused on a different kind of spirituality: meditation. Like more traditional prayers, it can help reduce stress and diminish physical issues like high blood pressure.

Even those who aren’t ardent prayers but are truly active in a religious group can glean all sorts of benefits. There’s less isolation, in turn alleviating loneliness and depression. The physical activities can increase balance and muscle strength, and lower risks of conditions such as diabetes and heart conditions. Even when someone can’t get out, religious relations can bring all sorts of help, from meals to simple company.


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It's proven that prayer can help health

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