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Translating Complex Language

Just wanted to let folks know my "Turning the Complex into the Comprehensible©" motto (for 20+ years) continues to gain recognition.

Last project: taking truly clinical language and "translating" it into plain English; in fact the ground rule was aiming towards a 5th-grade level and maybe even only one sentence!

Reminded me of what I had to learn when I was part of the team working on Dr. Oz's first attempt at a website. We each had to explain words/phrases like "osteoporosis" or "macular degeneration" and do it in two formats. The first was a Q&A that could only be a specific number of words to fit the much smaller Tweet options back then. Then another Q&A could be added, with far more detail. Though again, the latter had to make sense to real people.

Thank G-d so many health care marketing venues are starting to understand the need for lay language. Now if more them just truly get started! :)

Learn more words...then how to simplify! Best way to provide true patient/consumer ed.

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