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Wendy Meyeroff Joins “Partners in Health & Biz”

March 20, 2018--Wendy Meyeroff, President of WM Medical Communications, is

beginning her hosting of the 30-minute health business reports for the long-time

Podcast, “Partners in Health & Biz.”

Her first introductory broadcast, an interview with PIH’s veteran creator/host, Gail Dixon, aired this Sunday, March 24. The team discussed issues like misleading reporting, why

don’t health marketers understand lay language? and Wendy’s insights from her

background in patient education.

Meyeroff has been a health and biz writer and marketing conceptualizer for over 20

years and had her own Podcast (“Piggy Bank Promotions”) for several years. Wendy

and her guests offered small business owners/entrepreneurs both business advice

(e.g., knowing more about Twitter) and insights for personal issues, such as managing

as a caregiver while running one’s own company.

Dixon created Partners in Health & Biz almost seven years ago. Whereas Gail will keep

her focus (on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays) on staying well & fit and specific health topics, Wendy (on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays) will be exploring current and innovative health business topics. She begins officially Saturday, April 7th.

Among the latter in the pipeline: “Challenges of Getting Patients Into Clinical Trials,”

“Hidden Dangers From Eldercare Providers” and “Could Amazon Provide Amazin’

Health Insurance?”

The team welcomes suggestions for guests/ideas. To be considered send the stories on health to Gail at or for biz topics send email Wendy at Please put “Guest” or “Idea” in the SUBJECT heading.

Interesting parties will be contacted. ###

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